Become sustainable in 30 days - join our challenge!

What is Breakit Impact Challenge?

A (free!) digital bootcamp that aims to make companies work in a more sustainable way - and in the long term be climate neutral (or dare we say climate positive?).

We believe that entrepreneurs and companies can contribute to a positive change for our planet – and transform it for the better.

We also believe that it is possible to do with (relatively) simple means.How does it work?You will receive 5 training steps (1 new step every Monday) and associated challenges for 30 days - read more about them below.

Otherwise, the following applies:

- The challenge lasts for 30 days and it does not cost a penny to participate (we are lucky enough to have awesome partners who back the initiative).
- Every week we offer exclusive premium material (updated for spring 2020) - which we develop with the help of a number of experts - which in five steps will help you make your business more sustainable
- Your logo is visible here on the campaign site, which shows that you are involved and take responsibility.
- We end with a fun and sustainable party (exclusively for you who participate)! Those who pass all steps receive a diploma.

We also award prizes in three categories for those who have gone above and beyond!

What do we want from you and your company?

Your time – and your commitment. We have tried to make the steps as simple and quick as possible, but if you really want to work in a more sustainable way, it will of course require an effort!

New for Spring 2020:

  • Breakit is a supporting partner to the 1.5 ° C Business Playbook from Stockholm Resilicence Center and has adapted the challenge to their expertise and principles.
  • Everything is available in English!
  • Better, bigger and more long-term prices from our partners to the three companies that perform extra well.
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This is how it works - step by step

February 28 to April 20 - registration (closes at 08:00). Register your company and share the challenge - the more companies that join, the bigger impact we have!

April 20 - start and Step 1! All participants receive the first step of the challenge sent to their e-mail, which is about reviewing your company's travels. You can fix that fast, right?

April 27 - Step 2. The next step is to review your workplace and make it climate smart with simple means. Also pretty easy, we think.

May 4 - Step 3. The third step can be a little tougher - for some. Now you should review your suppliers. How? We will help you!

May 6 Midtime meetup with lecture and workshop.

May 11 - Step 4. Here too, a greater effort may be required. Now you have to look at your business model and see how you can create climate-smart effects with your company.

May 18 - Step 5. Once you have done the rough job, there may still be parts that you find difficult to change. The final step is therefore to measure the company's climate impact and compensate for it.

Diploma and award ceremony! Everyone who has participated in the Breakit Impact Challenge will be invited to a party! Here, those who have completed all 5 steps may come up on stage and receive their diploma.
We also distribute awards in three categories, to those who have gone above and beyond.

Date, time and place coming soon!